International sea freight

Firstly Sea freight forwarding services not only arranges for appropriate vessels but also handles the related formalities along with constant tracking of the shipment while it’s in transit.

Euro van International EVI as one of the leading international ocean freight forwarders has a wide experience in international freight forwarding services. It ensures efficient handling of your cargoes.

We offer both FCL and LCL service with a wide choice of ocean carriers, In addition this allows us the flexibility to provide more frequent sailings, additional vessel space and reliable schedules.

In addition to this we also handle the related formalities along with constant tracking of the shipment.

Full range of ocean freight services

provides our clients with a one-stop solution for all of their sea-going freight requirements.

For instance EVI manages the selection and booking of vessels above all, documentation and paperwork, monitoring and tracking, and more.

Therefore Our wide partner network ensures our clients have access to some of the world’s best ocean freight carriers and the right ships for the job.

What are ocean freight shipments

Ocean freight, is the transport of goods shipped in sea containers around the world. This form of freight forwarding is suitable for large shipments that are not time-sensitive. Sea freight courier services are often chosen for the following reasons:

  • Inexpensive: Low fuel rates and the possibility to ship large quantities at once, make sea freight shipments a cheap option for large shipments that have to travel long distances.
  • Suitable for hazardous goods: Unlike air freight, ocean freight is ideal for shipping dangerous goods.
  • Flexible: There are many possible variations when it comes to size and shape when using ocean freight, and therefore, there are various ocean freight rates.
  • Environmentally friendly: Compared to air freight and transport by road, sea freight has a much smaller carbon footprint.

There are several types of ocean freight

What is the volume of international freight shipments shipped by sea and ocean and other quick facts

Here are some basic facts about sea freight shipments to give you an idea about the scale and size of the industry.

  • About 90 % of all goods are transported by sea and ocean freight.
  • There are about 55.000 vessels which transport ocean freight all over the globe.
  • The ocean freight industry employs about 1.5 million people worldwide.
    Greece, Germany, and Japan are the countries with the biggest fleets when it comes to international sea freight.
  • The largest ocean freight ship can carry no less than 18.000 containers.
  • Without ocean freight, the transport of many raw materials would not be possible. Therefore, ocean freight quotes play an essential role in the cost price of many products.
  • One of the biggest dangers for the shipping industry is piracy. However, shipping by sea or ocean is still the safest form
Types of Ocean Freight

There are four major types of shipping terms that you should know about, also known as incoterms (International Commerce Terms), which set out clear definitions for where the goods are dispatched from, and to.

EXW, or ExWorks:

means the supplier transports the goods to the factory or manufacturer.

FOB, or Free on Board:

which delivers to the port or terminal in the country of the supplier.

CIF, or Cost, Insurance and Freight:

which covers transport to the buyer’s country

DAP/ DDU, or Delivery at Port:

Delivery and Duty, Unpaid, which delivers all the way to your facility or warehouse, excluding the cost of tariffs and taxes.

Sea Freight 1

On Time Service Means More Profit .. All Safe

ISO Certified (ISO-9001:2008, ISO-14001:2004)

  • Regular itineraries
  • FCL, LCL , Reefer, Break-bulk, Ro/Ro, Project, Tank transport
  • Import/Export/Transit
  • NVOCC services
  • Tailored updating and pre-notification
  • Harmless/hazardous cargo (IMO Class 2-9)
  • bulk, liquid cargo
  • Cargo insurance
  • Order Follow up tracking system

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