EUROVAN INTERNATIONAL EVI is one of the leading international logistics and freight forwarding service providers, offering international freight forwarding services at very affordable rates. EVI is in the business of international freight forwarding and logistics since 2000.

Obviously, this will vary between companies, but it’s wise to ask for a full breakdown of costs in your quote rather than a single figure. The basic cost of shipping your possessions is often just the start of it. Customs duties, additional surcharges, terminal handling and penalties for late collection or overweight containers can all add to your bill at an alarming rate. It won’t always be possible to know the exact cost ahead of time but do check for potential hidden costs.

Firstly, Sea freight forwarding services not only arranges for appropriate vessels but also handles the related formalities along with constant tracking of the shipment while it’s in transit.
– The land Transportation services runs between Egypt and all Arab Countries. And that for both the dry transportation and the refrigerated one. We provide one of the most secure and rapid road transportations.
With EVI, your shipment is controlled from ex-work up to the destination. Our international air transportation services are considered among the best in the world. These air transportations forwarding services comprise of end-to-end logistics management solution that reduces transportation search costs, accelerates decision-making and improves communication among all parties though the supply chain. Our size enables us to give personalized attention to each client. It enhances the quality of our freight forwarding services and enables us to meet the needs of our discerning clientele.

Documents required to import goods Arab countries as follows:
• Commercial invoice
• Packing list
• Certificate of Origin
• Health certificates (for foodstuffs with preparation of the approval of the Municipal Department of some countries).
• The Bill of lading are stamped on the back by the company’s signature.
• Delegation of the NOC.
For commercial shipments, the importing company must have the import code registered in the tax department and in the customs department

To calculate the volumetric weight, it is measured : (length x width x height) / division factor 6000 or 4000 according to the method of shipment .

Our warehouses are the best choice for you. We have set up our warehouses at eurovan international to maintain various types of goods such as home furniture, personal items, equipment, machinery, etc., in which we ensure their preservation from any damage, loss or theft. We also provide you with all warranties against any damages that may occur. All items are numbered with a custom label for each shipment to distinguish between shipments for easy access and non-mixing.

Don’t worry, eurovan international Company provides storage service in Egypt for furniture and commercial goods. We are interested in providing the best ways and means to ensure the transportation and storage of goods and household goods or even commercial goods without fear or concern of damage or loss of any piece.

Online tracking is becoming increasingly common in the shipping industry and is a great way to give you some peace of mind while your belongings are in transit. If at all possible, choose a shipping company that lets you track your cargo online or via a phone app. Not only will you have a more accurate idea of when to expect your things, you won’t have to pester your shipping company for information on the phone.

Shipments rarely get damaged or lost, but we advise you to insure each shipment just in case the worst is possible. In the event that a shipment is received damaged or the shipment is lost, we will assist you in the shop with the insurance claim process.

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